What is Yoga Nidra?

iRest yoga nidra is a guided meditation, you can sit or lie down or even stand up. During these practices I will guide you through different stages, orientation, intentions and inner resources, breath and body sensing, working with opposites and then I will bing you back to the room and your surroundings.

Yoga nidra has many benefits: it helps with sleep, stress, anxiety, helps you to see more clearly and to use the tools that you learn in the practice to navigate your life with more ease.

Essentially this practice is a way to help you feel happier in your life,  to help you to deal with difficult situations that may come up, or help you develop attention, mindfulness or concentration.The practice teaches you tools that help you navigate whatever stage of life you're in or whatever you need on a particular day. :) Helping you to slow down your perceptions and see more clearly frame by frame and it not be a jumbled blur.

No previous experience is necessary whether you are a beginner or have been practicing meditation for a long time.