What is Yoga Therapy?

Private Yoga Therapy classes in Barbados

I will help you to move out of pain and move with more ease using movement and yoga principles.

In person and online Yoga Therapy Coaching

Let this be your foundation for moving well, and being the best version of you. Discover how it can be possible to find ease and grace in your body with movement that you didn’t know was possible. It is a journey worth taking.

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Yoga Therapy has brought a lot of good change into my life. After years and years of living with intense back pain and coming to accept, well, “this is how it is,” I started seeing Natasha for private sessions.

 Natasha has introduced a whole new world of self love, self care and awareness to me. She has a very simple and discreet yet impactful way of bringing awareness to yourself and your body. 


After getting very sick with encephalitis in 2016 which caused a swelling to my brain. I was left with many long term health issues .
I struggled the first year on my own then I was very lucky to find Natasha. Her yoga therapy has helped me so much to reclaiming my life.

From my balance to learning breathing techniques which can help me prevent a mild seizure. To helping me with my digestive issues brought on by my medicine

After a session with Natasha I leave with a feeling of wellness that I couldn't of dreamt of when I was first recovering from my illness.

Her passion for yoga and the calm and fun teaching methods have truly improved my life and recovery.

Put simply . I would be lost without her


Yoga Therapy with Natasha has helped me become more aware of the tension I hold in my body and how to let it go. I realised during our sessions that I wasn’t breathing to my full potential, which came as a surprise to me, as I always considered myself a deep breather.

I’m thankful for the safe space she provides for me to be more comfortable in my body.


I didn’t know exactly what to expect when I first started yoga therapy, but I was immediately at ease with Natasha. She’s intuitive, listens well and her non-judgmental presence creates a safe and informal space, getting you out of your head and into your body. My energy reserves feel replenished and I'm breathing more fully and deeply.
I highly recommend Natasha, her supportive style, patience, encouragement and ability to demonstrate the mind-body connection makes her a truly  gifted teacher – a real gem!