Step Into The Uncomfortable

I have something to share with you all about being uncomfortable, this is a place that I regularly find myself in, but rather than fighting it, I’m trying to embrace it and this is a story about one of those times. 

So, if you're curious about this stick with me on this and I hope it might help you discover that being uncomfortable can be a good thing.

When I was walking on the beach with my husband, we walked out onto a wall so we could sit and watch the waves together. In this moment or the journey of getting to the edge to sit, brought up so much for me, I’m absolutely petrified of heights and I become completely immobilised. Me trying to be brave, I stepped into the uncomfortable and walked along the wall. Then my fear kicked in! Here I stood, in the middle, looking to the ocean and completely unable to move. In that moment my heart began to race, my balance felt off and I was in this wide open space going, “why am I doing this?! I’m scared and I’m stuck!” Then it occurred to me that I could ask for help. What would it feel like if I asked?

If my husband could come back and take my hand and walk me to the end of the wall, we could sit together and spend some precious alone time. We could catch these moments of being and staring out into the waves and being in awe of nature itself. In that moment of my husband taking my hand, it took time for me to trust that I could trust and be uncomfortable with my fear. I felt wobbly and verbally I was saying “I can’t do this”, but when I talked to myself and heard my husband gently persuading me to take small steps, I felt a little inner voice saying come on you can do this and then there I was sitting on the wall looking out at the crashing waves

I think this was a real lesson about stepping into the uncomfortable. It wasn’t only about being with a fear, but about how this can relate to moments in my life, and having moments of being incredibly uncomfortable. The idea of not knowing, my life feeling jumbled, or that I’m not sure that I’m on the right path or even feeling confused, but what inevitably comes out of this experience that I am sharing with you is a learning curve and growth. This experience has taught me to develop more skills in my practice, learning something about myself and becoming a better parent.

So today, I encourage you to: Step Into The Uncomfortable!

Why don’t you try this, if you have a yoga mat or a piece of string, place it by a wall, walk along the edge, you might feel wobbly or it might feel ok, try closing your eyes. Then what does it feel like to reach out to the wall to ask for support or can you imagine that wall is a friend or loved one supporting you. What do you notice?

I would love to hear how you get on with this. If you would like to know more about my work you can follow me @nourishyogatherapy or contact me at

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