21-Day Tune In and Turn Up

 Discover new things about your body and heighten your awareness through Yoga Therapy practices and movement.

Let's go on a journey together for 21 days where we tune into our bodies and turn up for ourselves. From February 1st we will explore movement, mindfulness practices and our breath. We will learn the power in slowing down and joy in stillness and all we need is 15 minutes of your time each day. That’s all!



    How will this work?

    A daily e-mail will be sent every day at the same time outlining your activity for the day. Set aside some time for yourself that makes it easy for you to commit. It might be helpful to keep a journal or use some kind of note taking device to document your journey. 

    You'll also be invited to join our Facebook group to discuss any thoughts you’ve had for the day. This is not mandatory but a nice way to connect with each other.

    Then, on day 21, let’s come together for a special practice to seal all that we did on this journey.

    We don't want you to miss a day so sign up here.


    When you participate in this experiment you'll receive your second private Yoga Therapy session with me at half price. If you're interested please e-mail natasha@nourishyogatherapy.com with the code NOURISHPROMO21